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Meewisse Roses

Founder Aad Meewisse decided to start growing roses in 1981. Over the years, the latest technology and innovations have contributed to his vast wealth of knowledge and experience. His son, Tom, joined the business eight years ago. Together, they have managed to successfully combine contemporary insights, know-how and cutting-edge technology.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience acquired, they can create taller and heavier roses that are all carefully tested for quality. Only when the heart and leaf are approved does the Red Naomi rose earn the A1 label. Over 20,000 lamps and an in-house training scheme ensure a stable and dependable supply.

Along the way, Tom’s energy, heart-warming enthusiasm and passion have certainly contributed to the company’s reliability, quality and continuity, where improvement and constantly moving forward are key. Exploring how the rose can be made even better and studying the growth process itself excites Tom and makes his work interesting. “Every day is fun,” he explains with an infectious twinkle in his eye.



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