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You have to want this 24/7; this is my world, and it makes me proud. That sentence conveys the ethos of SK Quality Roses and its staff. It results in an explosion of enthusiasm and energy, which allows the company to create the best Avalanche roses throughout the year. The company’s approach is based on a 100 per cent commitment to produce 100 per cent quality roses. It’s no coincidence that Wesley and Yolanthe chose SK Roses for their dream wedding.

With an innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurial spirit, SK Quality Roses strives to achieve the best result it can each and every day. And this has paid off. Thanks to its efforts, dedication and eye for detail, it is the only company to provide 80-90 cm stalks in the summer. Moreover, its Avalanche roses have a strong, thick stem. By using fresh CO2, which causes less growth inhibition, and a well-organised sorting system that provides a 24/7 overview of the production process, SK Quality Roses can offer a reliable, consistent supply and guaranteed quality.

The company is driven by its commitment to make the best roses with the largest bud, while ensuring unparalleled ornamental value and long-lasting durability. The results certainly match the ambition.


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The beauty of Avalanche‚Ä®

The beauty of SK Quality Roses